Contact Representatives

It’s vital to contact your elected representatives often to share what matters to you.

How to call your representatives

  • Save phone numbers in your cell phone. To reach the House and Senate quickly, call the US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.
  • Call for a quicker response. Try calling your representative’s office to speak with someone about the issue. (Check out this New York Times article on the merits of calling versus email.)
  • Call your own representatives. Your representatives are elected to serve you, so call them when you have issues with government agencies or you want to request they vote a certain way on legislation.
  • Take notes on the call, and follow up:  Take detailed notes so you can call back later as an issue evolves.
  • Call on all issues that matter to you. It’s okay to call about every issue that concerns you. The more you call, the more your representatives will know your concerns.

Browse Orange County’s elected Democrats and their office contact information.

Browse a list of all elected officials serving Orange County.

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