Central Committee Members

The Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee is the governing body of the County Democratic Party as defined in the California Government Code and Election Code. It is comprised of local Democrats elected by voters in each Assembly District, as well as partisan-level Democratic elected officials and nominees.

The Central Committee meets on the 4th Monday of every month at 7:00pm. Due to the pandemic, meetings are online and recordings may be made available to registered Democrats. Please contact us for details. Members and Ex-officios must designate an Alternate. Designate Alternates here. 2021-2024 Members, Ex-officios and Alternates must pay dues to be eligible to vote. Pay dues here.

Central Committee Members, 2020-2024

Members were elected in the March 2020 Presidential Primary and sworn into service in January of 2021. Members listed in alphabetical order.

Representing Assembly District 55:

  • Cynthia Aguirre
    • Alternate: Pending
  • Gail Cain
    • Alternate: Pending
  • Lourdes Cruz
    • Alternate: Devon Gray
  • Natalie Estrada
    • Alternate: Pending
  • Molly A. Muro
    • Alternate: James Rogers
  • Isabella Rubio
    • Alternate: Karen Lawson

Representing Assembly District 65:

  • Ada Briceño
    • Alternate: Mirvette Judeh
  • Ed Lopez
    • Alternate: David Duran
  • Marisol Ramirez
    • Alternate: Karen Romero Estrada
  • Mike Rodriguez
    • Alternate: Bobbi-Lee Smart
  • Jose Paolo Magcalas
    • Alternate: Andrew Lewandowski
  • José Trinidad Castañeda III
    • Alternate: Patricia Tutor

Representing Assembly District 68:

  • Eugene Fields
    • Alternate: James Black
  • Melissa Fox
    • Alternate: Meredith Marquis
  • Florice Hoffman
    • Alternate: Gabriel Orea
  • Dr. Bill Honigman
    • Alternate: Betty Valencia
  • Tammy Kim
    • Alternate: Naz Hamid
  • Tina Arias Miller
    • Alternate: Ernesto Conde

Representing Assembly District 69:

  • Giovanni Chavez
    • Alternate: Luis Aleman
  • Veronica Chavez
    • Alternate: Martin Lopez
  • Vacant
  • Juan Gabriel Álvarez
    • Alternate: Rosa Yenni Diaz
  • Jessie Lopez
    • Alternate: Carolyn Torres
  • Jose F. Moreno
    • Alternate: Al Jabbar

Representing Assembly District 72:

  • Kathia Canlas
    • Alternate: Sergio Escobar
  • Misha Houser
    • Alternate: Libby Frolichman
  • Shayna Lathus
    • Alternate: Gina Tiffany
  • Mark Anthony Paredes
    • Alternate: Julie Diep
  • Oscar Rodriguez
    • Alternate: Karen Hinks
  • Victor Valadares
    • Alternate: Thetis Meriweather

Representing Assembly District 73:

  • Anne Cameron
    • Alternate: Pending
  • Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik
    • Alternate: Richard Hurt
  • Danna Lewis
    • Alternate: Michael Sall
  • Lara Horgan
    • Alternate: Cynthia Gitter
  • Anita Narayana
    • Alternate: Karen Ridley
  • Denise Penn
    • Alternate: Sarah Harms

Representing Assembly District 74:

  • Jonathan Adler
    • Alternate: Mary Carter
  • Samila Amanraoufpoor
    • Alternate: Iyad Afalqa
  • Marleen Gillespie
    • Alternate: Sue Dearing
  • Lauren Johnson-Norris
    • Alternate: Boris Gresely
  • Jill Nelke
    • Alternate: Tara Cseresznyak
  • Jane Stoever
    • Alternate: Anne Mohr

Ex-Officio Central Committee Members:

  • Assembly District-55 Andrew Rodriguez
    • Alternate: Christopher Hannan
  • Assembly District-65 Sharon Quirk-Silva
    • Alternate: Arnel Dino
  • Assembly District-68 Melissa Fox
    • Alternate: Meredith Marquis
  • Assembly District-69 Tom Daly
    • Alternate: LuisAndres Perez
  • Assembly District-72 Diedre Nguyen
    • Alternate: Asia Cunningham
  • Assembly District-73 Scott Rhinehart
    • Alternate: Sudabeh Farokhnia
  • Assembly District-74 Cottie Petrie-Norris
    • Alternate: Kim Carr
  • State Senate District-29 Josh Newman
    • Alternate: John Vassilades
  • State Senate District-32 Bob Archuleta
    • Alternate: Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • State Senate District-34 Tom Umberg
    • Alternate: Richard Santana
  • State Senate District-36 Marggie Castellano
    • Alternate: Gary Kephart
  • State Senate District-37 Dave Min
    • Alternate: Kenneth R. Wyant
  • Congressional District-38 Linda Sanchez
    • Alternate: Larry Caballero
  • Congressional District-39 Gil Cisneros
    • Alternate: Phil Janowicz
  • Congressional District-45 Katie Porter
    • Alternate: Cheryl Farole-Roman
  • Congressional District-46 Lou Correa
    • Alternate: Christina Avalos
  • Congressional District-47 Alan Lowenthal
    • Alternate: Louise Larsen
  • Congressional District-48 Harley Rouda
    • Alternate: Alyssa Napuri
  • Congressional District-49 Mike Levin
    • Alternate: Alan Fenning
  • DNC Representative: Melahat Rafiei
    • Alternate: Fariba Hezar


California Democratic Party Regional Directors:

  • Regional Director-15 Primo Castro
    • Alternate: Pending
  • Regional Director-17 Florice Hoffman
    • Alternate: Gloria Alvarado
  • Regional Director-18 Deborah Skurnik
    • Alternate: Dinah Frieden
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