Central Committee Members

The Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee is the governing body of the County Democratic Party as defined in the California Government Code and Election Code. It is comprised of local Democrats elected by voters in each Assembly District, as well as partisan-level Democratic elected officials and nominees.  This group conducts the County Party’s general business, approves its budget, coordinates Democratic campaign activity, and endorses candidates for local offices.

2018 Dues: Click here for 2018 Dues and Alternate Designation forums.

No member of the Central Committee, including elected, ex-officio, appointed or alternate shall be entitled to vote unless he/she has paid their annual dues.

The Central Committee meets on the 4th Monday of every month at 7:00pm.

The meeting is located at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Hall (map).


2017-2021 Central Committee

Nick Anas

Joana Barcelona

Greg Diamond

Jeff Letourneau

Carole Levers

Molly A. Muro

Monika Broome

Arnel Dino

Ed Lopez

Marti Schrank

Jesus J. Silva

John Vassiliades

Florice OreaHoffman

Ted Perle

David R. Sonneborn

Melissa Fox

Dan Chmielewski

Ken Wyant

Sharon M. Toranto

B. James Pantone

Avelino Valencia III

Carina Franck-Pantone

Jose F. Moreno

Rick Montoya

Shelly Haggerty

Benny Diaz

Jim Moreno

Nam Pham

Victor Valadares

Mark Anthony Paredes

Anne Cameron

Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik

Bill Honigman

Fran Sdao

Anita Narayana

Denise Penn

Farrah Khan

Janice I. Burstin

Jill Cseresynyak

Marleen Gillespie

Jonathan Adler

Dean Inada

Assembly District-55 Greg Fritchle

Assembly District-65 Sharon Quirk-Silva

Assembly District-68 Sean Panahi

Assembly District-69 Tom Daly

Assembly District-72 Lenore Albert Sheridan

Assembly District-73 Mesbah Islam

Assembly District-74 Karina Onofre

State Senate District-29 Josh Newman

State Senate District-32 Tony Mendoza

State Senate District-37 Ari Grayson

State Senate District-34 Jose Solorio

State Senate District-36 Gary Kephart

Congressional District-38 Linda Sanchez

Congressional District-39 Brett Murdock

Congressional District-45 Ron Varasteh

Congressional District-46 Lou Correa

Congressional District-47 Alan Lowenthal

Congressional District-48 Sue Savary

Congressional District-49 Doug Applegate

Regional Director-15 Clark Lee

Regional Director-17 Florice Hoffman

Regional Director-18 Phil Hanneman




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