Start a Democratic Club in Orange County

Democratic Clubs are the soul of our party. Each year, all clubs chartered with the Democratic Party of Orange County re-charter their organizations. This page is for renewing clubs and new clubs to charter as formal organizations of the Democratic Party. If you want to form a new Democratic Club, we can help – contact us to get started. 


Instructions for Clubs seeking to Re-Charter in 2021:

Download and save the Application and Roster files to your computer. (To fill in the file forms, the files need to be saved on your computer.)  Before submitting your files, change the file names to: (Club Acronym)(Application/Roster/Bylaws)(yyyy)(mm). For example – LWDC Application 2021 03, ANDC Roster 2021 02, CMDC Bylaws 2021 04, etc. Email all documents to by April 1, 2021.


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