Executive Officers

Ada Briceño


Annie Wright

Vice-Chair, South Orange County

Beatriz "Betty" Valencia

Vice-Chair, Central Orange County

Libby Frolichman

Vice-Chair, West Orange County

Cynthia Aguirre

Vice-Chair, North Orange County

Florice Hoffman


Luis Aleman


Regional Directors

Region 15: Primo Castro
(AD48, AD49, AD55 and AD57)

Region 17: Florice Hoffman
(AD65, AD68, AD69 and AD72)

Region 18: Deborah Skurnik
(AD73, AD74, AD75 and AD76)

Committee Chairs

Finance: Florice Hoffman

Resolutions: Carina Franck-Pantone

Outreach: Beatriz (“Betty”) Valencia, Mirvette Judeh

Bylaws: Luis Aleman

Assembly District Representatives

AD 55: Member: Allyson Vincent
Alternate: Molly Muro

AD 65: Member: Arnel Dino
Alternate: Monika Broome

AD 68: Member: Ken Wyant
Alternate: Michelle Duman

AD 69: Member: Jim Pantone
Alternate: Rickk Montoya

AD 72: Member: Mark Anthony Paredes
Alternate: Louise Larsen

AD 73: Member: Annie Wright
Alternate: Anita Narayana

AD 74: Member: Jonathan Adler
Alternate: Mary Carter

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