Countywide and Local Endorsements:

The Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee conducts endorsements for county, municipal, school district, water district and special district elections.

DPOC endorsements for municipal, school district and special district elections will occur in August 2018. See For details about DPOC endorsement rules, see DPOC Bylaws, starting on page 41.


Statewide, Federal, and State Legislative Endorsements:

All U.S. Senate, Congressional, State Legislative, and Statewide election endorsements are managed by the California Democratic Party (CDP). Visit the CDP Endorsements page for more information.


2018 California Democratic Party Endorsement Results:

View the list of 2018 CDP endorsements by office (for federal, statewide, and state legislative elections). View vote results for each endorsement“No Consensus” means that delegates did not reach consensus for one candidate (no Democrat received over 60% of endorsement votes cast). “No Endorsement” means that delegates voted not to endorse any candidate.


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