Endorsed Candidates & Measures

Did you hear DPOC endorsed nearly twice as many candidates this year compared to just two years ago? Check out the list of endorsed community leaders, propositions and ballot measures.

Setting the Standard

DPOC Central Committee members endorsed a record number of resolutions on issues impacting Orange County communities in 2017 and 2018.

Join the Movement

Democratic Clubs are booming in Orange County! Membership is up, but we have lots of work to do, and need new members like you!

Internship Opportunities

Join the team! Gain experience in a fast-paced political environment, in one of the most competitive regions in the United States.

Show your pride with DPOC T-Shirts

We say it loud and proud: Voters are the life of the party! The Democratic Party is working hard to register voters and expand opportunities for all.

Days until Election Day









Democratic turnout is our biggest challenge. Help us educate local voters about the importance of showing up and voting in every election!

Register to Vote!

Just turned 18, became a citizen or recently moved?  Make sure your voice is heard – register to vote before the next election!


Small monthly donations go a long way in getting corporate money out of politics. Help us turn this county blue with a regular donation.

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