Officers & Staff.

Meet the leadership team that keeps the Party running!

Your contribution helps us mobilize voters, reach deep in to our communities, and elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

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Chair Ada Briceño

North Vice Chair Cynthia Aguirre

Central Vice Chair Gloria Alvarado

West Vice Chair Libby Frolichman

South Vice Chair Lauren Johnson-Norris

Secretary Luis Aleman

Treasurer Florice Hoffman


Executive Director Ajay Mohan

Contact for political operations, endorsements, candidates and campaigns, and Party affairs including Central Committee meetings.

Organizing Director Lyndsey Lefebvre

Contact for community engagement, grassroots organizing and resources, field operations, and training.

Communications Director Gaston "Gus" Castellanos

Contact for press, Party communications, email newsletters, and social media.

Office Manager Denise Santamaria

Contact for day-to-day office administration, billing and scheduling.