ORANGE, Calif. — Upon today’s announcement from Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign for Senator Kamala Harris’s selection as his Vice Presidential running mate, Democratic Party of Orange County Chair Ada Briceño released the following statement:

“From day one, Senator Kamala Harris will be ready to lead our nation toward a stronger, brighter future as Joe Biden’s Vice President. She has demonstrated throughout her career a steadfast capability to uplift the needs of everyday working people, and hold corrupt leaders accountable. 

“Senator Harris’ commitment to working Americans, to health care and education reflect the real needs of our nation. Unlike the current occupants of the White House, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are selfless and uplifting public servants with the skill and vision to bring people together to address our nation’s problems. 

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on our country’s health and economic security, we urgently need good leadership in the White House. We have less than three months until election day, and we need all hands on deck. I urge volunteers to contact us on our website, Let’s make history in November.”

Once famously known as “Reagan country,” after President Reagan called Orange County the place where “all good Republicans go to die,” Orange County is rapidly shifting from a Republican stronghold into a highly diverse Democratic metropolis. 

Chair Ada Briceno, a longtime labor organizer, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11, and recently elected Democratic National Committee member, is the first immigrant and second Latina to lead the Democratic Party of Orange County. Her executive leadership team includes Latino, Asian American, millennial, and LGBT representation. 

Democrats swept all seven Congressional seats in Orange County in 2018. Less than a year later, Democrats overtook countywide voter registration to become the region’s leading political party. Today, OC Democrats have gained more than a 2-point voter advantage over the GOP.

Orange County is the nation’s sixth largest county, with 3.2 million residents and more than half a million registered Democratic voters. 

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