Official Voter Guide.

See below for our official endorsement recommendations in the November 2022 General election.

If a race is not listed, the Democratic Party has not taken a position in that race.

Candidates on EVERY ballot

Candidatos en CADA boleta
Các ứng cử viên trên MỌI lá phiếu


Lieutenant Governor ELENI KOUNALAKIS
Secretary of State SHIRLEY WEBER
Controller MALIA COHEN
Treasurer FIONA MA
Attorney General ROB BONTA
Insurance Commissioner RICARDO LARA
Board of Equalization, 4th District MIKE SCHAEFER
United States Senator, Full Term ALEX PADILLA
United States Senator, Partial/Unexpired Term ALEX PADILLA

Judge of the Superior Court Office #30


Superintendent of Public Instruction TONY THURMOND


Vicegobernadora ELENI KOUNALAKIS
Secretaria de Estado SHIRLEY WEBER
Controladora MALIA COHEN
Tesorera FIONA MA
Procurador General ROB BONTA
Comisionado de Seguros RICARDO LARA
Distrito 4 de la Junta de Equalización MIKE SCHAEFER
Senado de E.E.U.U. (término completo) ALEX PADILLA
Senado de E.E.U.U. (término corto) ALEX PADILLA
Jueza del Tribunal Superior del Condado de Orange Oficina #30 MICHELE BELL
Superintendente de Instrucción Pública TONY THURMOND


Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt
Tổng Thư Ký Tiểu Bang SHIRLEY WEBER
Kiểm Soát Viên MALIA COHEN
Tổng Chưởng Lý ROB BONTA
Ủy Viên, Hội Đồng Quân Bình Tiểu Bang MIKE SCHAEFER
Thượng Nghị Sĩ Hoa Kỳ Toàn Nhiệm Kỳ ALEX PADILLA
Thượng Nghị Sĩ Hoa Kỳ Nhiệm Kỳ Ngắn Hạn/Chưa Hết Hạn ALEX PADILLA
Thẩm Phán Tòa Thượng Thẩm
Văn Phòng Số 30
Tổng Giám Đốc Công Huấn TONY THURMOND


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Federal + State + County

U.S. Senate

Alex Padilla – Short Term
Alex Padilla – Full Term  

U.S. House of Representatives

Linda Sánchez – District 38
Dr. Asif Mahmood – District 40
Jay Chen – District 45
Lou Correa – District 46
Katie Porter – District 47
Mike Levin – District 49


Gavin Newsom – Governor
Eleni Kounalakis – Lt. Governor
Shirley Weber – Secretary of State
Rob Bonta – Attorney General
Fiona Ma – Treasurer
Malla Cohen – Controller
Ricardo Lara – Insurance Commissioner
Mike Schaefer – Board of Equalization, D4
Tony Thurmond – Superintendent of Public Instruction

CA Senate

Bob Archuleta – District 30
Brian Nash – District 32
Tom Umberg – District 34
Kim Carr – District 36
Catherine Blakespear District 38

CA Assembly

Blanca Pacheco – District 64
Sharon Quirk-Silva – District 67
Avelino Valencia – District 68
Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen – District 70
Judie Mancuso – District 72
Cottie Petrie-Norris – District 73
Chris Duncan – District 74

Orange County Board of Supervisors

Vicente Sarmiento – District 2
Sunny Park – District 4
Katrina Foley – District 5

Orange County Superior Court

Michele Bell – Superior Court Judge Office #30


Aliso Viejo

Tiffany Ackley – City Council
Payal Avellan – City Council  


Ashleigh Aitken – Mayor
Carlos León – City Council District 2
Al Jabbar
 – City Council District 3
Hari Shankar Lal – City Council DIstrict 6

Buena Park

Joyce Ahn – City Council District 1
Jose Trinidad Castañeda – City Council District 2
Connor Traut – City Council DIstrict 5

Costa Mesa

John Stephens – Mayor
Andrea Marr – City Council District 3
Manuel Chavez – City Council District 4
Arlis Reynolds – City Council District 5 


David Burke – City Council
Helen Le – City Council

Fountain Valley

Rudy Huebner – City Council
Cindy Cao – City Council


Shana Charles – City Council District 3
Ahmad Zahra – City Council District 5

Huntington Beach

Oscar Rodriguez – City Council
Gina Clayton-Tarvin – City Council
Kenneth Inouye – City Council
Jill Hardy – City Council
Scott Field – City Attorney


Farrah Khan – Mayor
Larry Agran – City Council 
Kathleen Treseder – City Council 

La Habra

Daren Nigsarian – City Council, Short Term
Michelle Bernier – City Council, Regular Term   

Laguna Beach

Alex Rounaghi – City Council

Laguna Hills

Parshan Khosravi – City Council
(vote for 1!)

Laguna Niguel

Stephanie Oddo – City Council
(vote for 1!)

Laguna Woods

Annie McCary – City Council

La Palma

Janet Conklin – City Council
(vote for 1!)

Mission Viejo

Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik – City Council District 1
Stacy Holmes – City Council District 2
Cynthia Vasquez – City Council District 3
Terri Aprati – City Council District 4
Jonathan Miller – City Council District 5


Jason White – City Council District 1

Rancho Santa Margarita

Ken Dixon – City Council
(vote for 1!)

Santa Ana

Sal Tinajero – Mayor
Benjamin Vazquez – City Council Ward 2
Amalia Mejia – City Council Ward 4
Manny Escamilla – City Council Ward 6

San Clemente

Dennis Kamp – City Council
Donna Vidrine – City Council
Mark Enmeier – City Council

San Juan Capistrano

Paul Lopez – City Council District 3

Seal Beach

Joe Kalmick – City Council District 1
Stephanie Wade – City Council District 3 


Donald Torres – City Council District 1


Rebecca “Beckie” Gomez – Mayor
Frank Gomez – City Council District 3 

Education Boards

Anaheim Union High School District Trustee

Billie Joe Wright – Trustee Area 1

Anaheim Elementary School District

Juan Álvarez – Trustee Area 2

Buena Park School District

Brenda Estrada – Trustee Area 4

Capistrano Unified School District

Gary Pritchard – Trustee Area 4
Jeanette Contreras – Trustee Area 7

Coast Community College District

Jim Moreno – Trustee Area 1

Cypress School District

Kyle Chang – Trustee Area C

Fountain Valley School District

Eileen Maeda – Trustee
Megan Irvine – Trustee
Phu Nguyen – Trustee

Fullerton Elementary School District

Ruthi Hanchett –  Trustee Area 4

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Lauren Klatzker – Trustee Area 4

Garden Grove Unified School District

Mark Anthony Paredes – Trustee Area 2

Huntington Beach Union High School District

Christine Hernandez – Trustee
Bonnie Castrey – Trustee

Irvine Unified School District

Katie McEwen – Trustee Area 2

La Habra City School District

Cynthia Aguirre – Trustee
Adam Rogers – Trustee
Emily Pruitt – Trustee

Los Alamitos Unified School District

Marlys Davidson – Trustee Area 1

Lowell Joint School District

Esther Evangelista – Trustee Area 4

Newport Mesa Unified School District

Michelle Murphy – Trustee Area 2

Ocean View School District

Jack Souders – Trustee

Orange Unified School District

Kristin Erickson – Trustee Area 5

Rancho Santiago Community College District

John Hanna – Trustee Area 2

Rowland Unified School District

Kevin Hayakawa – Trustee Area 5

Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Dan Walsh – Trustee Area 1

Santa Ana Unified School District

Katie Brazer Aceves – Trustee Area 4

Savanna School District

Elizabeth Winkler – Trustee Area 2

South Orange County Community College District

Ryan Dack – Trustee Area 6

Water + Sanitation Boards

Irvine Ranch Water District

Soha Vazirnia – Director Area 3

Mesa Water District

Russell Baldwin – Director Area 4
Shayanne Wright – Director Area 5

Midway City Sanitary District

Sergio Contreras – Director (vote for 1!)

Moulton Niguel Water District

Lily McGill – Director (vote for 1!)

Municipal Water District of Orange County

Randall Crane – Director Area 5

Ballot Measures + Propositions

Aliso Viejo

Measure G – YES
Measure I – YES

Huntington Beach

Measure L – YES
Measure M – YES
Measure N – YES
Measure O – YES

Laguna Beach

Measure S – YES

CA Propositions

PROP. 1 YES – Places fundamental right to abortion & the right to contraceptives in the CA Constitution.

PROP. 26 Neutral – Authorizes new types of gambling.

PROP. 27 NO – Out-of-state corporations take 90% of money. No real CA investment or jobs. More than 50 CA tribes oppose.

PROP. 28 YES – Ensures ALL students in public schools get arts + music education without raising taxes.

PROP. 29 YES – Protects dialysis patients by increasing clinic safety measures.

PROP. 30 YES – Prevents wildfires + reduces tailpipe pollution. Lower climate emissions, cleaner air.

PROP. 31 YES – Protects kids from Big Tobacco by ending the sale of candy-flavored tobacco & menthols.

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