Chair Ada Briceño says intimidation is not tolerated, and calls on voters to volunteer for Super Tuesday

March 1, 2020 – Orange, Calif. — Democratic Party of Orange County staff reported white nationalist propaganda stickers graffitied around its headquarters Saturday. The sticker graffiti and other propaganda were placed on windows, doors and signs around the building.

Chair Ada Briceño released the following statement: 

“It is clear that this vandalism is intended to intimidate and suppress voters. It will not work. We stand united in the strongest possible condemnation of hate. We want to assure voters that intimidation is not tolerated. 

“We urge voters to go to the polls. Vote to defeat hate. Cast your vote for leaders who oppose hate and division. Volunteer between now and Tuesday.

“We thank community leaders for their outpouring of support after this incident occurred. Republican leaders, however, remain silent.

“We call upon Republican elected officials and party leaders to join us in condemning white nationalism. Condemn hatred of immigrants, refugees, diverse faiths, and communities of color. It will take all of us to push hate out of our communities.

“Acts of hatred should be beyond politics. Sadly, we know that’s not true in today’s political climate. We must accept the truth that our nation’s President is fueling hate. The Republican Party has a responsibility to stop it.”

The Democratic Party of Orange County filed a police report with the Orange Police Department, and is preparing a hate crime report to the Orange County Human Relations Commission.

The Democratic Party is not releasing the name of the group identified in the propaganda, in order to minimize press attention that the group may receive.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League identified it as a white nationalist hate group. It has direct ties to the man convicted of murdering Heather Heyer at the fatal “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. Its manifesto considers immigrants, refugees, and non-white Americans a “direct threat.” 

Since 2016, numerous studies exposed a link between Donald Trump and hate crime rates. FBI data showed an irregular spike in hate crimes after Donald Trump was elected, and hate crimes climbed an astonishing 226% in local counties that hosted his campaign rallies. Another research study found subjects exhibited more prejudice after listening to speeches by Donald Trump. 


Media contact: Rachel Potucek,