Democrats across Orange County are eagerly awaiting final results for dozens of close races. Learn how to find election results, and keep up to date on the latest returns.

Where can I view election results?

The Registrar of Voters does an excellent job of tracking and reporting election updates. Bookmark this page to track results.

How often are results updated?

The Registrar of Voters provides a schedule to let us know when each update will be issued. In general, updates are issued weekdays at 5:00 pm until elections are certified. Click here for the official schedule.

How many ballots are left to count?

The Registrar of Voters provides rough estimates of ballots left to count each day. Click here to view the latest tally.

When will we know the final results?

The Registrar has indicated that results may not be final until late November. The State of California’s deadline to certify election results is December 7, 2018, but the Orange County Registrar could finish counting sooner.

Why the delay to know election results?

Orange County saw historic and massive voter turnout for the 2018 Midterms. Turnout hit 70%, a level that rivals turnout for the 2008 Presidential election for Barack Obama (73%) and 2004 and 2000 Presidential election turnout (72%). It takes time to count ballots. Each ballot is verified by hand, by a team of trained Registrar of Voters workers in the Orange County Registrar of Voters offices in Santa Ana.

Other questions?

The Registrar of Voters has a team of support staff ready to answer your questions. Please call them at (714) 567-7600.