Two different coalitions of Orange County workers, UNITE HERE Local 11 and the National Union of Healthcare Workers, called for strikes in December to urge better conditions that would improve quality of life for Orange County mental health patients, hotel workers, and their families and the public at large.

Hotel Wages

UNITE HERE Local 11 is prepared to organize strikes at 24 high-end hotels in California, including in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The union represents over 30,000 workers including hotel housekeepers throughout Southern California and Arizona, and focuses on working standards and conditions.

Union leaders say a robust economy, strong demand for travel and record-breaking growth in the tourism industry have fattened the coffers of hotel owners but have yet to benefit the frontline workers, many of whom must work two or three jobs to make ends meet. –Los Angeles Times, Dec. 12, 2018

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Mental Health Care

NUHW, or the National Union of Healthcare Workers, comprised of everyday psychologists, therapists and clinical social workers and other workers in the healthcare industry, has organized a statewide strike across California to urge Kaiser to improve care for mental health patients.

The workers’ primary concern is that many patients are having to wait four to six weeks before they can see their therapist or psychologist for follow-ups after their initial appointments. They say Kaiser should hire more therapists to shorten the wait time, which can be critical when treating mental health disorders.

“They’re desperate and it takes too long to get them in,” said Alia Prince, a licensed clinical social worker at Kaiser in Santa Rosa who works with patients with postpartum depression. “They need help and we need to get them help,” Prince said. “They sometimes wait a month (for a follow-up appointment). Ideally, it’d be within the week.” –San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 10, 2018

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Why Unions Work

A union is a collaborative team of everyday workers in a given industry, such as teachers, nurses, firefighters or police officers. They decide to join together to improve their bargaining power for basic wages and benefits. The Democratic Party supports everyday middle class and working-class workers. Join us to show support for these efforts locally in Orange County.