In the one-time GOP stronghold, Democrats are now the majority party in Orange County, California

Orange, Calif.The Democratic Party of Orange County will hold a news conference Thursday to share the historic moment and celebrate with key stakeholders their milestone in surpassing Republican voter registrations in “Reagan Country.”

Democrats will officially outnumber Republican registrants in the historically Republican stronghold of Orange County, California. As of Wednesday, August 7, there will be more Democrats than any other party or than voters registered with no party preference, according to Democratic party projections. Official numbers are expected to update at the Orange County Registrar of Voters site at

“If it can happen in Orange County, it can happen anywhere,” said Orange County Democratic Party Chair Ada Briceño, an immigrant from Nicaragua who benefited from the Reagan amnesty, and is the first immigrant to lead the party in Orange County.

WHO: Ada Briceño, Democratic Party of Orange County Chair
Rusty Hicks, California Democratic Party Chair
Jason Berlin, Field Team 6 Executive Director
Orange County Democratic Party Young Democrats
Democratic clubs and groups throughout Orange County
Local elected officials
Community stakeholders
WHAT: Official announcement of overtaking Republican voter registrations and turning the county from red to blue.
WHEN: Thursday, August 8, 2019 at Noon
WHERE: Democratic Party of Orange County Headquarters
1916 W. Chapman Ave., Suite B
Orange, CA 92868


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, August 7
Contact: Hilda Marella Delgado, Communications Director,, (213) 700-3142.