DPOC Central Committee delegates are passing a leading number of resolutions to strongly affirm the liberties, rights and securities of all people.

What is a resolution? Resolutions empower local Democratic organizations like DPOC to build upon the California statewide Democratic Party Platform, by calling out specific issues impacting our communities, and guiding local positions and opinion.

Resolutions are formally adopted positions ratified by the DPOC Central Committee. Each resolution covers a specific urgent issue of our day — including issues like DACA, gun reform, banking regulations, and election integrity.

Resolutions are carefully-considered positions requiring a month or more to adopt, because they must first be approved by the Resolutions Committee, then go to the Executive Committee, and finally reach the Central Committee floor for a full vote by delegates.

To see which issues the Central Committee has adopted, visit our Resolutions page.

It’s easy to recommend a resolution for the Democratic Party. Simply contact us online or call us direct at (714) 634-3367. Your suggestion will go to the Resolutions Committee for review. To attend a Central Committee meeting, visit our calendar for upcoming meeting dates.