The Democratic Party of Orange County adopts formal positions, or resolutions, on issues of local or countywide importance. Any registered Democratic voter in Orange County may bring forth a suggested resolution for consideration by the resolutions committee. To submit a recommendation, please click here to contact our offices.

Resolutions below are sorted by date. Click the Year tabs at top to browse by year, then click on the title to download the full text.

NumberTitle (Click Title to Download Resolution)Date Approved by Central Committee:
19-01Resolution Supporting International Women’s Day2/25/19
19-02Resolution Condemning Antisemitic Acts in Orange County2/25/19


NumberTitle (Click Title to Download Resolution)Date Approved by Central Committee:
18-01Resolution in Support of the Fair Pricing For Dialysis Act1/22/18
18-02Resolution Opposing the City of Brea Public Assembly Ordinance #12011/22/18
18-03Resolution in Support of the California Lawsuit Demanding the Environmental Protection Agency Immediately Release Ozone Level Designations1/22/18
18-04Resolution Opposing Offshore Drilling and Repeal of Environmental Regulations and Safeguards1/22/18
18-05Resolution Opposing Proposed Santa Ana River Bed Homeless Evictions1/22/18
18-06Resolution in Support of Protection of Net Neutrality2/26/18
18-07Resolution Calling for Reinstatement of the Santa Ana Needle Exchange Program2/26/18
18-08Resolution Calling for the Renaming of William E. Fanning Elementary School2/26/18
18-09Resolution in Support of More Housing in Orange County2/26/18
18-10Resolution Opposing Arming Teachers3/26/18
18-11Resolution in Support of the November 2018 Ballot Measure “Veterans And Affordable Housing Bond Act (SB 3)”4/23/18
18-12Resolution in Opposition to Dismantling Safeguards that Protect Marine Mammals4/23/18
18-13Resolution Supporting the Continued Implementation of ‘Beach Act Grants’ that Monitor Ocean Pollution Levels to Determine if Water Poses a Hazard to Beach Visitors5/21/18
18-14Resolution Calling for the Immediate Release and Asylum for Udoka Nweke5/21/18
18-15Resolution Opposing the Inhumane Trump Administration Immigration Policy That Separates Migrant Families Seeking Asylum6/25/18
18-16Resolution Supporting the Full Implementation of the CA Healthy Youth Act in Schools7/23/18
18-17Resolution to Stop the CMS Rule, Support Home Care Workers Freedom to Pay Dues by Payroll Deduction7/23/18
18-18Resolution Opposing AB 84 Political Reform Act of 1974; Political Party Committee Disclosures7/23/18
18-19Resolution on Democratic Principles in Administering Justice in Orange County10/22/18
NumberTitle (Click Title to Download Resolution)Approved by Central Committee on:


Resolution Calling Upon Orange County Elected Officials to Prohibit Diversion of State and Local Law Enforcement Resources for the Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws2/27/2017


Resolution in Opposition to Trump Immigration Ban 2/27/2017


Resolution to Call For Justice re Anaheim February 22  LAPD Officer Shooting During Dispute With 13 Year Old Youth2/27/2017






Resolution Calling on Anaheim and Local Orange Count Cities and County Government to Fly the LGBTQ Pride Flag from Harvey Milk Day through Pride Month6/19/2017


Resolution Condemning Threatened Recall of Irvine City Council member Melissa Fox6/19/2017


Resolution in Support for Retaining the “Johnson Amendment” That Protects Houses of Worship From Becoming Centers of Partisan Politics7/24/2017
17-09 Resolution Opposing the Recall Attempt of Senator Josh Newman 7/24/2017
 17-10 Resolution Condemning the OC Board of Supervisors’ Rejection of a Modernized Voting System 7/24/2017
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